I'm a mom, wife, friend, coffee lover, a HUGE Irish Setter fan and of course, a photographer.  

I really enjoy photographing children and their carefree ways.  I adore the women who come for my Body Shot sessions, they each have a story and a reason why they summon up the courage to step in front of my camera.  I am honored to listen, to laugh and to work with them.

 I admire every high school senior who I have worked with.  They really have their whole life in front of them, waiting to be lived and explored!  

Everyone has been on a journey and I really love that I can capture some of that for them.  When the ice is broken during a session, I see sparkles in eyes, natural smiles, maybe even a tear.   It's a wonderful thing!

Thank you!  I look forward to meeting you someday!


Much Love, Sonya